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Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

Chair for German and European Consumer Law and Private Law as well as Comparative Law – Prof. Dr. Schmidt-Kessel

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The main focus of the research is consumer law in all its varieties. Working closely together with the Research Centre for Consumer Law, intradisciplinary, comparative and interdisciplinary approaches are combined.

Besides consumer law from national, European and international perspectives it is dealt with law of markets of the digital world, especially with legal questions of data economy, with German and European civil procedure law and with legal issues connected to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit). The work is not only theoretical but also practical and often serves the consultation of legislative organs of the European Union as well as member states. At the moment the focus lies on the following aspects:

I. Consumer law

 II. Comparative law

  • Methodology of law comparison
  • Comparison of laws and uniform law
  • Empirical legal studies and comparative law as empiricism

III. Law of markets of the digital world

  • Data as payment and customer data protection - in particular data as assests, Dr. Tereza Pertot
  • Contract law regarding digital content
  • Intermediaries and plattforms
  • Machine-2-machine contracts
  • Data trust und clouds
  • Telematic rates
  • Digital product safety

IV. European civil procedure law
European civil procedure law is primarily  by Dr. Malte Kramme. Supported by German Research Foundation and under the title of "The civil procedural enforcement of Union law - Procedural autonomy of member states?" he is researching fundamental questions of European civil procedure law.

V. Brexit and Law
Brexit, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union and related contracts, marks an exceptional turning point for the legal systems of the European Union and the United Kingdom. For the latter it might even be the biggest (selective) transformation of the legal system(s) since 1066. It took a while before it got widely recognised, that the other member states and particularly German law are significally affected, too. The research focus Brexit and Law was added to examine all legal aspects of Brexit, in particular fundamental questions of Union law, effects on private and commercial law and the synergy of legal development, economic key figures and legal cultural processes. Furthermore, questions of Brexit law are connected to those of transformation research.

These fields of research include subsequent questions in working and commercial law, as well as public and private economic law. Special interest lies in non-paid benefits and service law.

Published papers can be viewed in the publication list. Only comparative dissertations are supervised.

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